Abused, Abandoned, & Restored

Breaking children's chains one link at a time

We nurture and educate disadvantaged children, help them grow into confident, compassionate, and self-sufficient adults, breaking free from the chains of poverty and thrive in their communities.


How do we break the chain?

Our mission is to provide nourishment, education, and unwavering support to empower these children with hope, care, and love, enabling them to break free from the cycle of despair and build a brighter future.


We provide over 400 nutritious and balanced meals daily allowing the children to thrive physically.

Children Feeding Programs


We provide school supplies; help maintain and staff the classroom so the children will thrive mentally.


Love & Hope

We believe in the power of hope. We inspire children to believe in themselves, their potential, and their worthiness.

Bajao Hands Up


We work closely with local communities and partners to identify and support the most vulnerable children. Our organization is committed to raising awareness and implementing preventative measures within communities to protect children from falling into the hands of predators who would exploit them.

Get Involved

We believe that change is possible when we all come together. We welcome your support in our mission to provide children with nourishment, education, care, prevention, and the hope of a brighter future. Please join Abandoned Abused & Restored in the work we do in the Southern Philippines. With your support, you can break chains one link at a time (Jeremiah 30:8), as our partners.


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